Here comes Ms. Mizener


By: Danielle Randle


  • What is your favorite song? Here Comes the Sun- The Beatles
  • Where did you go to school? University of North Texas- Go Mean Green!
  • Where are you from? If you are not from Chicago, how did you come to move here?   I am from Corpus Christi, Texas. Home to the late, great Selena Quintanilla and the best fast food ever, Whataburger! While my grandfather is from Chicago,  I wanted to live in a city where a car was not a necessity plus I grew up a huge Bears and Cubs fan!!
  • What do you like most about Chicago? I hate the word “foodie,” but I love exploring all the incredible culinary options in this city!
  • Did you always want to be Diverse Learner Teacher? Why or Why not? If you had told the eighteen year old me that I would be a teacher in twenty years, I would have called you crazy. After I graduated from college, I began substitute teaching while I looked for a marketing job.  I took a long-term sub position at a high school for a Diverse Learner teacher and discovered I had a passion for teaching.
  • Is Lindblom your first school? It is not- I taught in Austin, Texas for two years before moving to Chicago.  Once in Chicago, I taught at Kelvyn Park HS in the Belmont-Cragin neighborhood for nine years before accepting a position as Case Manager at Roosevelt HS in the Albany Park neighborhood.  I was there for four years before making the decision to come to LMSA.
  • What do you like about being a teacher at LMSA? The staff and the students have been so welcoming! Everyone appears to be on the same page- to ensure success for all LMSA students!
  • What else would you like LMSA to know about you?  I am just excited to become more involved in the Eagle Community!

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